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Baby-Led Starting Solids Program

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Vibrant Nutrition has started an all encompassing starting solids program that leaves you feeling like a strong and powerful parent at the end of the course through all the proper factual knowledge gained.

Nishta is a Toronto Renowned Nutritionist that has created a program to debunk the myths that exist all over the internet.  You will be given access to videos that get you ready to start feeding solids. Then two half hour counselling sessions with Nishta to discuss  all your concerns and getting on that right path. Finally, a free recipe book, a starting solids calendar and access to Vibrant Nutritions facebook support group. 

Right now there is a sale through Jill and the Beanstalk at 20% off for this program. Dates will be set once participants enroll. 

Nishta Saxena, MSc., RD

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Paediatric and Family Nutrition Specialist 
Vibrant Nutrition

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