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NEW DATE FOR NEW YEAR! Baby Sleep Class with Rebecca Mendoza 0-12 months

Product image 1NEW DATE FOR NEW YEAR! Baby Sleep Class with Rebecca Mendoza 0-12 months
Product image 2NEW DATE FOR NEW YEAR! Baby Sleep Class with Rebecca Mendoza 0-12 months

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Monday, January 16th 10:30am-11:30am


Baby Sleep Class  0 - 12 months old

Every child can become a good sleeper. Dare to Dream!

During this hour, we’ll cover:

  • Evidence-based methods to help your child achieve confident, independent sleep for naps and throughout the night

  • How sleep associations develop, when they become problematic, and how to address them

  • How to maintain feeds at night while establishing independent sleep skills

  • Counterintuitive signs of overtiredness and what to do about it.

  • Sleep regressions - Are they real?

  • Naps!!! - Short naps, skipping naps, schedules, wake windows, nap transitions

  • How to address teething, illness, separation anxiety, travel and other disruptions of sleep

Rebecca is a Toronto-based child sleep consultant, trained and certified through the Family Sleep Institute, and studied sleep physiology at the University of Toronto. She approaches sleep consulting as a partnership with parents, with an emphasis on evidence-based techniques, supported by sleep science. Rebecca loves to help families get the sleep we all need and deserve.

 “When we first reached out to Rebecca, we were at the end of our rope. Exhausted. Our 7 month old woke every 5-10 mins in the evening and every hour at night. We knew something had to change, for us and for our baby who needed the rest. Rebecca listened to our desperation and helped us devise a plan that we felt comfortable with. She was supportive every step of the way and helped us stay consistent which is why we saw results so quickly.           'Our daughter started sleeping better after the first night and, by the end of the two weeks, she was falling asleep independently, able to self soothe and only waking once at night for a feed. Put simply, Rebecca is a miracle worker. We are so grateful for her support throughout the sleep training journey, and all of her encouragement. Thanks to Rebecca, we are all well rested!”

Jess B., Toronto

 “When we approached Rebecca, my partner and I were in the depths of sleep deprivation with a 5 month old babe who would wake every 45 minutes throughout the night, and rarely napped. After our consultation, we felt an immediate sense of comfort. Rebecca’s calm and non-judgmental approach helped us feel confident and assured in our sleep training experience. We really valued her evidence-based methods, with tailored trouble shooting along the way to meet us where we were at. 

     'We highly encourage anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep (or lack thereof) to connect with Rebecca. She is insightful and knowledgeable, and her expertise ensured successful sleep training for both our child and ourselves. It is understatement to say that working with Rebecca changed our lives - healthy sleep is an absolute must!”

Liz H., Goderich

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