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Z Birth Mark- Doula Services Assisting At-Risk and Marginalized Individuals and Families

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Birth Mark is a registered charity providing reproductive doula support to folks in Toronto & Hamilton. A doula's role is non-medical and provides continuous care in the form of emotional, physical, and informational support. We are a source of knowledge and comfort to our clients as they navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting while dealing with the obstacles often faced by our focus population in today's society. There is no cost to our clients to access our services.

Birth Mark doulas pursue social change by assisting at-risk and marginalized individuals and their families in the navigation of the systems of sexual health, reproductive health & infant care in Toronto. The doulas’ efforts in relation to social change are focused primarily on helping clients find their own voice to advocate for the care that they want and deserve from the public medical system. Through this work, the obstacles to receiving care faced by marginalized individuals are mitigated. These issues include but are not limited to: poverty, discrimination, citizenship status, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Our activities seek to promote access to information, services, and resources that these individuals may need; equality of opportunity; and meaningful participation in decision making for themselves, their babies and their families.

To compliment our doula services, Birth Mark offers different classes and clinics to our clients and the public. In response to COVID-19, Birth Mark has shifted our classes and clinics to an online platform to increase access. We also have been running a “Mobile Giving Wall’ funded by the United Way. This is a home delivery for anyone in need of newborn and infant items, and a contactless pick up service for folks looking to donate items to Birth Mark. 

To learn more about Birth Mark and our mission, visit us at

You can support Birth Mark’s mission in many ways. To find out more visit
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