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Starting Solids: Feeding Your Baby

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In person class and Q&A: Thursday, October 3rd from 11:00am-12:30pm, includes

Questions about starting solids or feeding your little one in general as they grow.

... want to choose a real, holistic food approach, that’s backed by science of feeding babies and kids? When to start? What to start with? How Much? What is normal? Baby-Led weaning vs. Traditional: Pros and Cons? Concerned about Food Allergies? And Constipation? How is baby’s tummy handling all this? Q and A's will be addressed to as many concerns as possible. Let's get you are the right track or make sure you're on it as they develop!

This workshop also comes with 17 videos to watch at home on your own time!  Once enrolled we shall send all the videos. Nishta created this course after teaching it to thousands of families, and it’s the EASIEST, MOST CLEAR way to start feeding baby and BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE and continue to feed in a healthy way!

  • It's designed for all parents starting the exciting world of feeding your baby solid food whether traditional or baby led (which if course shall be clarified), even the second or third baby and again not just starting to feed but also information on how to feed your baby as he/she grows!

Taught by Nishta Saxena, your Paediatric and Family Registered Dietitian, Toronto renowned frequently a guest on the Marilyn Denis show. Jill and the Beanstalk is very lucky to have such an incredible instructor!

 "I've been teaching this course in-person at Jill & the Beanstalk for years and am so excited to be able to offer it to new parents in an easy and modern format. As a customer of the amazing Jill & the Beanstalk store". - Nishta Saxena

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