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Sex and Pleasure after Birth

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Thursday, February 13/20 from 2:00-3:00pm
Let’s talk S-E-X ! 

Many people struggle with sexual fulfillment and intimacy during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum so we will be discussing how to work through these challenges and reconnect with your body postpartum.

This workshop is open to birthing people, women and femmes.
About the Instructor:
Gabrielle Griffith is a Queer and Non-Binary parent, Full Spectrum Doula, and Sex Educator who believes that sex and intimacy can look many different ways. 

They support folx (especially parents) to reconnect with their bodies, discover pleasure and achieve balance during their transition into parenthood by offering one on one care and workshops. 
Please note that you must RSVP as space is very limited, and sales are workshop is final sale.
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