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Prenatal Dog Training Workshop

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Sat, January 19th, 2019 from 1:00-4:00pm
Meet Your Mutt presents the Pups n' Tots 3 hour crash course! This workshop is essential for all dog parents that plan on introducing their canine child to a human child in the near future.
The workshop will go over everything you need to set up your home, baby and dog for success including:
-Preparing your home and dog for the baby's arrival
-Boundaries and Safe Spaces for both baby and dog
-The Do's and Dont's of baby and dog interaction
-Establishing reliable obedience and manners
-Understanding dog body language, communication and calming signals to prevent anxiety, aggression and fear-based behaviors.
-Operant Conditioning and Learning Theory as it applies to both dog and baby
-Initial Introduction between dog and baby
-How to Introduce your baby to dogs outside the home
-Similarities between babies and puppies (they are SO many!)
-Daily Activities that include both baby and dog
-Teaching babies empathy and a love for animals from the beginning
-Games that both babies and dogs love
-Baby song and book recommendations about dogs
-and Open Q&A to ask questions specific to your dog, baby and household!
Limited to 20 individuals/couples and will include a 15 minute break with refreshments and snacks available. The workshop is for humans only. Dogs are not welcome to attend.
About the Instructor:
Learn more about Ashley from her website:
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