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Transforming Challenging Behaviours (in Toddlers and Children)

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Transforming Challenging Behaviours: Practical Strategies for Positive Change (in Toddlers and Children) 


Sunday, May 19, 2019 from 1:00-2:30pm


$48 per family (1 or 2 parents may attend).* Please note, this workshop is for adult participants only. We are unable to accommodate babies/children for the duration of the class so everyone is able to focus.


Regardless of how hard we try, every parent and caregiver may fall into a negative cycle with any child. Maybe you feel like your child  “just doesn’t listen” and you’re at the end of your rope. Just as importantly, you may be simply interested in being empowered to achieve the most positive relationship possible with your child. We all want to know how  to maintain this invaluable relationship throughout life’s MANY ups and downs- everyone with a child in their lives can benefit in joining us!

This class is rooted in a holistic, multifaceted approach. It will focus on how change and connection is possible with every child, at any stage of their development!


Parents, educators and caregiver are all welcome!


“This workshop really helped me connect with my child on a deeper level. Also helped me address concerns that our family just did not know how to address. In just a few short days after taking this workshop I have seen a major improvement in my child. But most importantly in all of us as a family.”


“Tweaking your parenting approach in one or two ways helps you feel like you are doing a better job and helps you foster a deeper relationship with your child. And sometimes you just need a bit of guidance - Marina's workshop helps you by giving you those approaches that can work if you are open to it and consistent in implementing it.”


“Our child has been doing amazingly well— the changes we have noticed are so positive. We also have seen amazing changes in our parenting style and are so thankful for all the help we received by participating in Marina’s workshop.”


In this workshop we will:


•Discuss common struggles parents face and reflect on what works and what doesn’t (for long-term results) 


•Begin to unpack individual challenges that you are facing with your child(ren); learn about how to cope effectively and to address behaviour in appropriate ways, based on the child’s developmental level


•Learn to build and encourage more prosocial behaviour in your child


•Learn to reduce and eventually stop problematic behaviour 


•Receive take-home strategies you can begin to use right away . *A short questionnaire will be emailed out 1 week before the class begins


ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Marina Matutschovsky is a mother and stepmother, to three wonderful children (ages ranging from one and a half to fourteen!) She is a professionally trained, early intervention- multi treatment behavioural therapist. Marina has worked extensively with families and children on the Autism spectrum, as well as with children who have a range of other challenges, in both private therapy and educational settings. She completed her studies in child development and education at Ryerson University, and is currently teaching Junior and senior kindergarten. With over 16 years in the field, Marina is extremely passionate about helping children and their families achieve a loving harmony; promoting pro social behaviour in our homes, classrooms and within the community.

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