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Ah Goo Baby Toy Straps

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The Bottle Strap by Ah Goo Baby is a must-have for moms on the go. We know that our adorable little ones have the tendency to drop and throw things! The Bottle Strap by Ah Goo Baby helps keep bottles and sippy cups off the ground, away from dirty surfaces, and prevents them from getting left behind. Give yourself peace of mind and reduce the stress of hearing yet another bottle hit the ground. Attach The Bottle Strap by Ah Goo Baby to your child's favorite toy to keep it close. Simply attach one end of the strap to a car seat, shopping cart or stroller and the other snugly fastened around the bottle or toy. Simple as that!  Grips items and secures to strollers, high chairs, car seats, grocery carts - most everything you can think of. Easy & Quick velcro attachment. Matching patterns that coordinate with all Ah Goo Baby product lines. Machine Washable, durable, and BPA-free fabrics.
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