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Alex Spa Fizzy DIY Bathbombs

Regular price $34.99

Alex spa DIY bath bombs explode with essential oils and fizzy fun colors. Relax in a warm tub, colored and scented especially for you. Add your favorite skin conditioning oil for healthy soft skin. Just follow the directions to mix the proper ingredients and create a unique ball or heart shaped bath bomb for yourself of a friend. The kit contains enough materials to make 6 luxurious gifts.
Includes: heart-shaped mold, ball mold, 2 baking sodas (2.5oz./ 72g), 2 Cornstarch (1.25oz./ 36g), 2 Epsom salt (1.25oz./ 36g), 2 succinic acid (0.63oz./ 18g), 3 food coloring (0.1oz./ 3ml.), strawberry fragrance (0.5oz./ 15ml.), vanilla fragrance (0.5oz./ 15ml.), Measuring spoon, stir stick and easy instructions
Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

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