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Babywearing Workshop

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 from 11:00am-12:00pm 6 spots left!

Please join us for a Babywearing 101 workshop. You will learn:

-Babywearing benefits
-Babywearing safety: how to adjust a carrier to make it more commutable for a baby and caregiver
-presentation of 4 most popular carriers (buckle carrier, ring sling, woven/stretchy wrap, mei dai). Carriers and dolls provided for learning.
- Babywearing troubleshooting- for parents who already have a carrier, but they want to get more confidence in using it!

-You may bring your own carrier(s) and ask as many questions as you would like

Note: This is a FREE Workshop, but we require a $5 deposit to book your spot. You will receive a $5 credit to Jill and the Beanstalk on the day of the class (The credit must be used on the same day and no refunds will be issued to workshop cancellations)

From the InstructorMy name is Magda, and my babywearing journey started when my baby was born. At the beginning it was more of a need, because my daughter didn’t want to be in a stroller and she wanted to be held all the time. So I pulled a stretchy wrap from back of my closet and that was life changer! We could go for walks, we could use public transport easily, we could go hiking anywhere without checking if it’s accesible for strollers. That just the beginning to the story, because babywearing is so much more than convenience of moving around. It’s so beneficial for the baby and parent/caregiver.

I took a course of babywearing educator at Canadian Babywearing School and I started volounteer work to help people wear their babies. I also do private consultations in Toronto.

I’m passionate about babywearing and my mission is to propagate it amongst parents/caregivers as much as possible. Babywearing is very beneficial practice for a baby and babywearer. Babywearing promotes attachment and encourages healthy mental and emotional development of a baby. It’s also makes patents’ life easier and less stressful. The number of different carriers on the market can be overwhelming for a new parent, but on the other hand it also enables everybody to find something suitable for themselves. I would like to show that babywearing is easy and that it is for everybody.

please visit her facebook for more info!

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