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Beaker Creatures 4-Pack plus Pod Maker CLEARANCE ONLY $9.99

Regular price $9.99

It's a fizzing, foaming science adventure! Make your own Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods out of common household ingredients with the Beaker Creatures Series 3 Pod-Maker 4-Pack from Learning Resources. Simply fill your Pod Maker with your Reactor Pod mixture, shake it, and presto - a brand-new Reactor Pod ready for bubbling reactions! Hide your creatures inside, make your own colorful designs, and more! The Beaker Creatures Series 3 Pod-Maker 4-Pack includes four bonus Beaker Creatures collectibles - you might meet the magical Mythsmiths, squishy-slimy Muckies, or the rare glow-in-the-dark Biolumes! Each creature also comes a mini-poster featuring a real-world STEM experiment! The Beaker Creatures Series 3 Pod-Maker 4-Pack works with all Beaker Creatures sets, including the Liquid Reactor Super Lab, Bubbling Volcano Reactor, and more! The Beaker Creatures Series 3 Pod-Maker 4-Pack includes 1 Reactor Pod Mold Maker, 1 mystery Beaker Creature, 3 bonus Beaker Creatures, and 4 mini-posters with science experiments.
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