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Bento Matryoshka Bento

Product image 1Bento Matryoshka Bento
Product image 2Bento Matryoshka Bento
Product image 3Bento Matryoshka Bento
Product image 4Bento Matryoshka Bento

Regular price $25.99

Matryoshka Bento is a 2 tier bento box. Each stacking compartment has its own inner lid, to keep the contents secure.

The box comes with an ice pack and a matching elastic band to hold the box closed. The shape actually makes it very handy for holding or carrying in your bag.

Interested in the manufacturing process? Check out this video to have a look at how Hakoya makes its bentos! (text in French).

Available in three colors : Pink, Orange and Red. Please choose your favorite (or the three of them if it's too difficult) from the pulldown menu when ordering.

The size of this box is great for kids , but also for adults who know well how to pack food in a bento. It can also be completed with a Bento Cube for instance.

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