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  • Brimless Bonnet in Balsam XS pomless

Brimless Bonnet in Balsam XS pomless



This gorgeous fall/gentle winter weight hat features a wool or wool-blend exterior and an ultra soft, cotton, 21 wale corduroy lining.  The straps are made of corduroy.  The hat is reversible, and can be ordered with or without the pompons, depending on your preference.
Like every single hat we make, it's rated UPF 50+.  Note that the pic of the hat with one pompon is shown only as an example of how/where the pom will be located.  Pompons are snapped on and can be snapped off so that the hat is still reversible.  It's a pretty slick system-- allowing both sides of the hat to be used-- with or without the pompons!
PLEASE NOTE: Wool fabrics cannot be machine washed.  Spot clean ONLY.

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