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Canadian Monster Club Summer Picnic

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Every Canada Day monsters from each province and territory gather to celebrate the Canadian Monster Club Summer Picnic. They play Canadian games like log-rolling and swamp hockey, they get into a huge food fight and their disgusting habits lead to some very messy results!

Each friendly, fun-filled monster is based on real Canadian folklore, a First Nations legend or an actual historical sighting. There are several monsters that you may be familiar with such as Ogopogo and Sasquatch but others you will likely be introduced to for the first time.

Meet Mishepishu, an underwater panther based on ancient cave paintings from Quebec and Chenoo, an ice-giant legend of the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia, along with over a dozen other incredible Canadian monsters.

Eh! Eh! Eh! Ooh La La!
Monster Club of CA-NA-DA!
Some are BIG and some are small.
But we are monsters one and all! RAAAAAAAAAR!

There is a hidden frog in every picture and the book contains catchy chants, look-and-finds, and plenty of Canuck humo

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