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Chocosol Aztec Blood Hot Chocolate

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Our artisanal chocolate is made right here in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade grown cacao sourced directly from horizontal trade relationships with Indigenous communities in the Lacondon Jungle of Chiapas and the Oaxacan mountains of Southern Mexico.

Our chocolates are made without dairy, gluten, soy or nuts and are also vegan. We specialize in both eating chocolate and drinking chocolate (xocolatl), and offer a number of other sustainably grown ingredients that are sourced directly from farmers (such as coffee, cacao nibs, agave, hemp seeds and vanilla pods, among others).

Chocosol’s drinking chocolates are fit for the gods. They're shocolately yet light, made so by aeration and water. Pointing to the Aztec roots they have  Aztec Blood Hot Chocolate. Chocosol is a proponent of horizontal trading, and the chocolate is pedal powered, stone ground, and vegan so don’t feel guilty just because it’s sinfully good.
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