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GeoSafari Jr. Dino Discovery - T-Rex

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The Geosafari® Jr. Dino Discovery Dig T-Rex toy set for kids is the perfect gift for a budding palaeontologist and can be used again and again!

Dig into the reusable mountain case, remove the real dinosaur dirt and unearth the miniature T-Rex skeleton model and the mysterious jewel hidden inside.

Save the clay and reuse it! Sculptable, tactile dinosaur clay can be crushed and pressed into fossil shapes, and it never dries out, so the fun never ends.

Dive into prehistoric learning fun with the Geosafari® Jr. Dino Discovery Dig T-Rex.

  • Find the hidden surprises inside the reusable dinosaur dirt! Dig up the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, find the hidden gem and discover fun facts about dinosaurs.
  • Assemble the mini skeleton model, then crush, squish and carve the reusable dinosaur clay into the fossil moulds for hours of creative play.
  • The dinosaur dirt never dries out, so the crushing fun never ends! When playtime is over, put the dinosaur dirt back in the volcano mountain case.
  • The crushing and shaping of the dinosaur dirt helps develop fine motor skills, and the texture is ideal for sensory play.
  • The mountain measures 12 cm H x 13 cm W.

Suggested age: 4 to 8 years

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