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Granna Spaghetti Board Game

Product image 1Granna Spaghetti Board Game
Product image 2Granna Spaghetti Board Game

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Spaghetti is a dexterity game in which players compete to pull out as many valuable spaghetti noodles as possible. There are 27 noodles on the plate that vary in colors, length and points. Player has only twenty seconds to collect the best pieces, but eating spaghetti requires great care. If anything falls off the plate and stains the table, the player's turn ends immediately. A player can use only one hand and can touch only one noodle at a time at one point. The game ends when the plate is empty, with no pasta and no meatballs, and whoever scores the most points wins. There are two additional difficulty levels: There are 12 recipe tokens in total, each shows spaghetti ingredients. Players must remove those ingredients to claim the token. A player must get all of a token's ingredients during a single 20-second turn.
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