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Granna Hooop! Ages 7-99

Product image 1Granna Hooop! Ages 7-99
Product image 2Granna Hooop! Ages 7-99

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In Hooop!, players need to move their frogs to the opposing player's lilypads, with the first player to do so winning the game. These frogs don't jump wild and free, however, as they must take a bridge that spans adjacent lilypads in order to move. And not only are the frogs semi-lame, but they're also extremely clumsy. After each jump – or "jump", as it were – the bridge used by that frog falls into the lake.

Each player has four action cards that can be used once each game to place two bridges, jump without needing a bridge, remove an additional bridge, or take an extra jump. Get all your frogs into the other players' homes, with at least one frog in each location, and you win.

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