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LOL Surprise Where My Girls At?

Regular price $7.99

When M.C. loses her swag, it's up to Queen Bee, Rocker, Diva, and Neon QT to restore their homegirl's groove. Join your L.O.L. Surprise! TM BFFs in this original story with stickers from the #1 toy line in the world!

M.C. Swag gets discouraged after debuting a not-so-fab song. Her friends Queen Bee, Rocker, Diva, and Neon QT try to cheer her up the only way they know how: a day full of shopping, laughter, and fun! Will this be enough to inspire M.C. Swag? Can she come up with a new hit single before the concert? Find out in this colorful, heartwarming story that'll have your young LOLing!
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