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Manito Stroller Covers for Rain and Snow

Product image 1Manito Stroller Covers for Rain and Snow
Product image 2Manito Stroller Covers for Rain and Snow
Product image 3Manito Stroller Covers for Rain and Snow
Product image 4Manito Stroller Covers for Rain and Snow

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Castle Alpha is the winter thermal insulation stroller weather shield with hi-tech laser quilt triple layer construction. Fits 95% of strollers including regular or jogger. Made of windproof, weater-repellent outer layer and soft Alova Suede inner layer, packed with inulation padding inside to provide warmth and comfort for your little one during the cold days. Laser quilted outer layer is made of top quality fabric which is used on most high quality winter outerwears. It is shiny and smooth, yet it effectively blocks wind and water. Laser quilt improves insulation and durability of the cover. Premium quality Alova Suede fabric is used for inner layer which is smooth and soft. It is laser quilted after inserting cotton padding on the inside. It effectively improves insulation providing warmth and comfort during cold winter days. Detachable foot-cover can easily be removed from the main body of the cover for convenience when cleaning.

Open the zipper to completely separate the foot-cover from the weather shield to wash and clean. (It's highly recommended to use a wet towel to clean) Since it's coated fabric, it's recommended to hand wash with lukewarm water and small amounts of detergent and air dry in a shaded area. Do not use bleach or any other chemical agents as decolaration may occer.

To protect babies' eye-vision, Manito introduced refraction free, flat surface UV resistant optical sheet on the stroller covers. It provides clear non obstructed views so that your baby can see outside clearly when inside the stroller. When the weather is cold and sun is out or when baby is asleep, easy pull-up and pull-down Sun Screen Curtain provides extra sun protection and comfort for the baby inside the stroller.

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