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Mimitens NeckWarmer

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Introducing mimiTENS Neckwarmers

Made of bamboo, cotton and just a bit of Lycra, our neckwarmers fit great and feel soft.

We chose colours that complement of mittens and booties. Choose from heather grey, charcoal grey, black, soft pink and navy.

This neckwarmer is perfect for little ones up to two years old. For bigger kids, please consider our cowls because they are wider and longer.

The dimensions of the neckwarmers are 16 inch circumference and 10 inches from the top to the pointed V.

Some people prefer a clean and modern look. Lots of people do, actually which is why we make mimiTENS CLASSIC mittens. Knowing this, we are happy to make CAPS and NECKWARMERS with that same clean and classic look.
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