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Mimitens size 1

Product image 1Mimitens size 1
Product image 2Mimitens size 1
Product image 3Mimitens size 1
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Product image 5Mimitens size 1
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Mimitens  + Some of the Parts are designed and made in Toronto.
This is an expression of confidence in the fantastic talent
that exists in Canada.

We don't need to go anywhere else.
We have everything we need at home.

Manufacturing locally has also given us the opportunity such as our beloved get IN project. It is only because our wonderful factories are so close by that we are able to make bespoke mittens for kids with limb differences.

mittens/mitaines: Oeko-Tex certified 100% rayon( 70bamboo/30organic cotton). cuff/manchette: bamboo/cotton + lycra

Mittens come in various sizes and styles, and go all the way up to the elbow, making them almost impossible for kids to pull off or lose!

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