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Mother Hen Baby Foods (Jr. Meals)

Product image 1Mother Hen Baby Foods (Jr. Meals)
Product image 2Mother Hen Baby Foods (Jr. Meals)

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Your child has now sampled foods from all food groups. Learning about flavors and textures will now be an important part of meal time. Starting at 8 months, he can eat thicker purees quickly passed in the blender or mashed with a fork.

The grainy texture of the puree is particularly suited for baby to learn how to chew food. You can start with chicken in the pot and beef Parmentier which have a smoother texture to facilitate learning for your baby.

Our purees contains at least 70% of organic ingredients. They are natural and do not contain any preservatives, no salt, no sugar, no starch added which is highly recommended by nutritionists. They are also free of allergens: no gluten, no peanuts, no nuts, no dairy products or derivatives, no eggs, no soy, no mustard, no sesame and no sulfites.

Your baby will discover a world of flavors and colors with real homemade taste!

Each box contains 4 containers 

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