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Music Together Summer Session 2022

Regular price $87.73

Join us this season for our fun Music Together classes!
The Best of Music Together Volume 2 

Music Together is a curricular program that focuses on age-appropriate acceleration of physical, emotional, social, and musical development in a super-fun, 45 minute class, once a week. Your book and CD is included with each collection and tuition, no extra or hidden fees. Over a 3 year period, Music Together rotates through over 200 songs that are different culturally, historically, rhythmically, and tonally, giving your child an incredible diversity of real music that is enjoyable for and at all ages.

The classes run throughout the academic year, aligned with the public school system so you can take vacation when your other kids do! Our partners Amici School of Music and ABC Academy of Music have almost 35 years of children’s education experience and expertise under their belts. 

•Fridays 11am.
•45 min. class
•10 weeks
•July 08-September 2
•Fees prorated from registration date (registration closes April 30th)
•Suitable for children 0-5 years.(all ages summer class)

•Seasonal Family Songbook (3 a year)
•Digital access to download your music, or play it through the 'Hello Everybody' App.
•An additional, live, online class every week that you can do from home, or on-demand from our online archive.  Great for weeks when you might be sick or can't make it to class!  That's additional 10 classes - FREE! 
•3 payments of $87.73, paid at registration, and then monthly
•Reserve and start your registration now online with Jill and the Beanstalk, and ABC Academy will contact you to complete registration

Please note:

Jill and the Beanstalk takes the first payment of $87.73. There are 3 payments all together and Music Together will contact you for the next 2 payments.

Total of 10 classes is $263.19

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