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Oh! Naturals Strawberry Banana Chips

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Oh! Naturals Banana Chips are made from the Chuoi Xiem banana which is grown in Vietnam. This is a non plantation variety common throughout that country and considered to be amongst the sweetest and most flavorful. The chips are processed in our facility in Vietnam under strict ISO 9000 and HACCP quality assurance guidelines. The process is called Vacuum frying and produces a chip that has 1/2 of the fat found in other banana chips.


Why Choose Bananas?
For their Health Benefits!

∇ – Manganese: healthy bone structure, absorption of calcium, regulation of blood sugar level, digestive tract, helps for the functioning of the brain and proper activity of our nervous system throughout the body… → (More information:

∇ – Magnesium: Keeps muscle and nerve functions normal and keeps the heart beating rhythmically, supports a healthy immune system, positive effect on cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes… → (More information:

∇ – Potassium: Powerful stress buster, allows more oxygen to the brain, maintains the regular contraction and relaxation of muscles, extracts the energy from nutrients, maintains an optimal fluid balance in the body… → (More information:

∇ – Bonus: 25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas →
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