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The Independent Sleeper (0-12 months)

Regular price $59.00

Baby & Toddler Sleep Workshop (0-12 months)

Monday, March 2/20 from 1:00pm-2:30pm

$59 (per Family)

​In this hour and a half workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about achieving the best sleep possible for babies and toddlers 0-12 months old.
​Imagine putting your babe in their bed saying ‘goodnight’ and knowing they – and you – are in for a long, restful night.

In this workshop, you will learn about the following:

  • ​Proven techniques for better sleep habits that you can tailor to your little one and your family.
  • How to safely apply evidence-based approaches that will help your little one fall asleep independently so they’ll drift off easily on their own at nap and bedtimes.
  • How to effectively manage night wakings, regardless of whether they continue to feed.
  • How to help your little one sleep in until the time that makes sense for them and for you.
  • How to help your little one achieve long, restorative naps.
  • How to prepare for future ‘bumps’ in the road (e.g. nap transitions and sleep regressions) so you can sustain your sleep success.

"I was so excited to attend Rosalee's infant/toddler sleep workshop - and she didn't disappoint. Rosalee shared a wealth of information and focused on a well-rounded approach to getting babies and toddlers to sleep better. She included information on daytime schedules, sleep and wake times (who knew!) and tools all parents can use without creating sleep associations. On top of all that knowledge, she took the time to assess the sleep challenges and goals of each family that attended AND followed up with additional resources and information. I can't wait to start implementing some new techniques to get my toddler to nap on his own! Thanks Rosalee!"

"It was super helpful even for a second time mom. I also thought you filled the hour with a lot of pertinent and useful information and stuck to the important stuff like safety and what's 'normal' for baby's sleep."

"Totally loved the workshop. It was useful, but also comfortable and approachable. Thank you so so much for all the information and tips. The twins are already sleeping better! You literally saved me from an endless cycle of trying a gazillion ways to calm them. I started a routine and they seem to be eating it up! Thanks again!"

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that all workshops are final sale. If you can no longer attend a workshop, a credit note to Jill and the Beanstalk will be issued to those who give at least 72 hours cancellation notice. No credits or exchanges are provided without notice.

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