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Terra Tropical Vegetable Chips Low Sodium

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All ingredients found in our chips

Often found in the tropics thriving in sandy soils with abundant sunlight and regular rainfall. These coconut bits provide a hint of sweet fruit.

Long yellow fruit with distinctive black seeds. Considered a staple food in many tropical regions.

Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato, a root vegetable often called a yam, is not really a yam at all, but rather a distinct variety of the Ipomea Batata family. Cultivated for thousands of years in the Western Hemisphere, Sweet Potatoes have become an important part of traditional American cuisine.

(also known as Malanga and Dasheen) The white chip with the characteristic purplish-brown lines.

(Boniato or Cuban Sweet Potato) Light brown in color, yet darker than the Yuva. Batata has been savored in the Caribbean for centuries.

Ruby Dipped Vegetables
Perhaps the most dramatic, these TERRA ®Chips are kissed with beet juice, resulting in their distinctive autumn red color.

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