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Tuesday, October 6th, from 12:30-1:00pm 2 Spots left 

(YOU MUST NOW PURCHASE A SPOT and the $10.00 will be REFUNDED once you join the class, No refunds upon cancellation) 

 There is now a maxmimum of 6 mom/dad and/or Baby, we must wear masks and sit approx. 6 ft. a part. The organizer of the circle will have a clear mask. Temperatures will be checked at doors and sanitizing stations placed where necessary. It will still be A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!

We will do all the classics – Roly Poly, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Mr. Sun, Old MacDonald, Charlie Chaplin and some new ones too! It is now 10$ as we have a lot of Covid work to complete and we need to make sure that the people enrolled with be attending as so many will wish to join. Please notify us if you cannot make it. Sorry no refunds at all once enrolled if you can't make it. 

All are welcome! 

We do not allow any strollers in store for song circle. It is becoming an issue for shoppers not being able to access the shelves, and a major fire safety issue, as we have been getting 10-20 strollers in the store each day. We simply do not have the space, and we apologize for an inconvenience. Please bring your own lock as there are plenty of places to lock strollers outside. We do have lock we may loan you.Thank you!

The Jill's


"My baby is only 4 months old and I started coming to the circle at 3 months, worried it was too young but boy I was wrong.  I've already noticed an extremely positive change in Audrey's behaviour and enthusiasm in the class. The Jill's do a lovely job facilitating the song circle. I am very impressed." 

-Mary and Audrey

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