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Wild Republic Huggers-Keepers

Wild Republic

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If you're looking for a stuffed animal slap bracelet then you've come to the right place. Keep your plush buddy close and your secrets safe with the Huggers Keepers Stuffed Animal Slap Bracelet by Wild Republic. Measuring approximately eight inches in length, this pink plush unicorn slap bracelet has some amazing features. First and foremost, it is a stuffed unicorn. Constructed with soft, durable plush on the outside and stuffed with quality materials in the inside, this slap bracelet stuffed pink unicorn has quality you can both see and feel. Second, it's a slap bracelet. That's right! If you press it against your arm, a cup, your bed post, a backpack strap, or anything in can fit around, its arms will snap shut. Whoever said you can never have a stuffed animal that hugs you back obviously never saw the Huggers Keepers Unicorn Stuffed Animal Slap Bracelet by Wild Republic. If you think I'm done talking about this pink unicorn stuffed animal slap bracelet's amazing features, you're wrong. There's even more! Along the back you will find a zipper where you can keep things inside. Perhaps a key? Maybe a love letter from a secret admirer. A jump drive for your computer! There's so many possibilities with this pink plush slap bracelet.  
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