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CG Monsters Shoes

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These Toronto-made fabric baby shoes are flexible, durable, and provide safer crawling and walking for babies. Soft-sole baby shoes enable feet to grow naturally. They help muscles in the feet develop properly, and allow a baby to grasp the floor and gain a sense of balance. These shoes are fully lined and perfect for socked or bare feet.

Because each shoe is hand cut and sewn, please be advised that every shoe may be slightly different and placement of fabric pattern will very.

All sizes 6 months and up come with a slip-proof rubberized sole.

** PLEASE NOTE: Measure your little one's feet before ordering. Measure from the tip of the big toe to the heel and then add 1/2" of wiggle room for growing feet. Please go by your little one's foot size, not their age. 

Size 0-6m = 4 1/2" 

Size 6-12m = 4 3/4" (shoe includes an elastic "V" for wide/pudgy little feet)

Size 12-18 m = 5 1/2" 

Fabric designs change constantly purchase your preferred size and we email you photos of the options available(may take a few days to send photos, depending on order day/time). For 6-12 months and 12-18 months we have about 10-15 different styles at any given time. For 0-6 months only a few at a time. 

 **40+ different styles, from fox-rabbit-hedgehog- splotches**

****If purchased online, once the order is placed we will contact you with pictures of all the styles available. Shoes come with shoe bag and instructions for cleaning. May take a few tries to contact you. 

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