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MimiTens Children's Mittens (with thumbs)

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Color: Black with Polka dots and black hand

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1) 420 denier water-repellent nylon. 
2) 150 gram 3M Thinsulate Insulation
3) Organic cotton/bamboo fleece that is custom knit for us here in Toronto.  

FABRIC CONTENT SLEEVES: Our sleeves are custom knit for us in the USA.  They are a cotton and Lycra blend.

CARE: Wash cold and either hang to try or tumble dry low. If you want, you can turn the sleeve inside out and then put the mittens on your heat vent over night.  That works really well! DO NOT IRON.  DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

SIZING: Please note that the baby size mittens do not have thumbs. Size 1-4 mittens do have thumbs. Also, the size 4 mittens has an extra elastic cinch.  

SIZE 1 - (18 months-3 years) 8.5 cm wide by 11.5 cm tall.
SIZE 2 -  (3 years) 8.5 cm wide by 13.5 cm tall.
SIZE 3 -  (4-5 years) 9 cm wide by 14.5 cm tall.
SIZE 4 -  5-6 years) 9.5 cm wide by 17 cm tall.

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