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An Earth-Bot's Solution to Plastic Pollution by Russell Ayto

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In his signature quirky style, Russell Ayto takes on plastic pollution with this story about a video game-loving boy named Neo and some unexpected aquatic visitors who need his help.

Neo lives next to the ocean, where there's a big plastic pollution problem. But Neo doesn't notice. He's too busy playing his favorite video game, joining forces with all the other Earth-bots to defend the planet against invading aliens. One day, though, Neo's sea creature neighbors keep interrupting his game, as one after another comes to his door, pleading with him to help them clean up the plastic that's ruining their home. Finally, to get them to go away, Neo agrees to check it out. And the plastic mess he sees in the ocean shocks him. He suddenly realizes there's an actual invasion taking place right outside his door --- one that's too big for him to handle on his own!

With a refreshing approach to the timely topic of plastic pollution in the world's oceans, here's a readable picture book that manages to be offbeat and loads of fun without making light of the issue. Award-winning author-illustrator Russell Ayto's one-of-a-kind storytelling and hilarious illustrations will keep the pages turning, leading readers to concrete suggestions for how they can help. With its important environmental message and positive themes of teamwork, responsibility and stewardship, this book offers excellent connections to life science, earth science and social science curriculums.
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