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Dreambaby Bump-Guard Furniture Edge Brown

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Dreambaby Bump-Guard Furniture Edge Brown

Dreambaby® BUMP GUARD® Foam Fireplace & Furniture Edge Kit are extremely easy to use and so versatile.

·Help Protect children and also older adults from injury.
·Thick and cushioned Bump Guards will cushion the impact and help prevent children (or adults) from getting hurt.
·No tools required, easy-to-peel double-sided tape for convenient and quick installation. Simply peel the tape and stick on the surface you need it.
·You can be at ease knowing your little ones can run and play safely.
·Make sure to leave the bumpers and corners in place for 48 hours to ensure the tape is set in place.
·2 bump corners and 5 x 48.5cm Edge Strips in each pack.

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