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Knot Genie Teeny Detangling­ Hair Brush

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Knot Genie Teeny Detangling­ Hair Brush for Kids (Peaceful Pewter) | Perfect­ Detangling Brush for Curly­ Hair, Gently Separate Tangles, Leaves Hair Smooth­ and Shiny | The Pain-Free­ Knot Detangler.

Knot Genie is a favoured product of families with sensitive heads and sensory-disorder/autism. Choose the right brush for you: -Teeny Genie (7.6cm X 5.1cm X 14cm ): Great for travel, swim/gym bags and smaller hands -Knot Genie (8.9cm X 5.7cm X 16cm ): Covers more hair at one time.  Great to keep in the bathroom. -Genie Supreme (7cm X 4.4cm X 25cm ): Great for those who want a handle

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