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Ooly calligraphy duo double-ended markers set of 12


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  • A GREAT CALIGRAPHY SET - If you enjoy calligraphy writing, this all-in-one colorful calligraphy colored marker set has you covered.
  • 12 MARKER COLORS - Create colorful calligraphy with 12 different calligraphy markers. Having 12 colorful brush markers and chisel markers is an easy way to create fun and colorful calligraphy and brush lettering.
  • DUAL TIP - Make beautiful brush lettering with 3.0 mm brush tip colored markers or calligraphy with 2.0 mm chisel tip markers.
  • CHISEL TIP MARKERS - One side a 2.0 mm chisel tip colored marker for more traditional calligraphy.
  • BRUSH TIP MARKERS - The other side of the colored marker is a 3.0 mm felt brush tip so you can create stunning brush lettering.

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