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Orbeez Mixin' Slime Set

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The Orbeez Mixin' Slime Set is a never-before-seen sensory experience that combines the fun of Orbeez with the excitement of slime, perfect for independent play and family fun! Squish, squeeze, and smile with over 2,800 grown Orbeez, including Micro, Shimmer, Marble, and Glow in the Dark to experiment with! Use the included 5 tools to mix, crush, inject, pull the clear and blue slime with Orbeez, for endless custom slime combinations! Use the included container as both storage and play space. Authentic Orbeez are safety-tested and are the original water beads, providing endless hours of squishy fun! Dip your hands into them and make a stress ball, use them for educational play, create arts and crafts projects and so much more. Experience handfuls of happy moments with the family! Orbeez offer a tactile and soothing sensory experience that's great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative play, making them the perfect arts and crafts activity gift and as an alternative to modeling clay or slime kits! Squishy and smooth, kids and adults will love exploring the texture and colors of Orbeez and Slime!

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