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Rubik's Cube, The Original 3x3 Cube 3D Puzzle

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Give yourself an old school challenge with the Rubik’s Cube. This classic colour-matching puzzle is a highly addictive brain teaser that has fascinated fans around the world for decades. The original, classic 3x3 Rubik’s cube solve is a must for puzzle lovers: the aim is to try to twist and turn it so that every side has one solid colour. This new and improved version of the Rubik cube features a mechanism that results in smoother, faster game play. The traditional stickers have been replaced with plastic tiles, which means no fading, peeling or cheating!

• Appropriate for 9+ Years

• 3x3 Cube design

• 9 Colourful squares on 6 sides

• New and improved mechanism for faster game play

• Plastic tiles

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