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Substance Cooling Spray for Mom

Regular price $20.99

Ouch... who knew post-delivery would feel like this? Made in Canada by Matter Company, Substance Cooling Spray For Mom is made of astringent witch hazel, and a cooling blend of aloe vera, calendula, and peppermint essential oil. It will soothe and refresh your sensitive lady bits to help you feel normal again in no time.

Spray as needed directly onto your sore parts, especially after a shower or using the toilet. For extra cooling power, this spray can be kept in the fridge and will not burn or sting because it contains no alcohol.

Our customers have found a number of uses for the Substance Cooling Spray For Mom other than just post-partum care. It works wonders for hemmoroids, roseacea, bug bites, razor burn, after-sun care & menopause for it's cooling effects.

This is definitely an item that we mention to expecting or new moms who are shopping in our stores because it's both unique and a miracle product for most of us who use it!
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