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Terry Perkins and his Upside Down Frown

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Hilarious picture book about a boy whose words come out upside down.
This story is about a young boy, Terry Perkins, whose speech seems unintelligible until a doctor realises he is speaking upside down. The doctor simply turns young Terry on his head, which solves the speech problem, but creates a whole new one – Terry’s whole life has literally been turned on its head! The book recounts Terry’s struggles until he makes a friend who teaches him the value of looking at things from a different point-of-view, and resolves as the unlikely pair make their topsyturvy journey into the sunset together, Terry at peace with himself at last. The tale, whilst absurd in its premise and humorously delivered in rhyming couplets, speaks to any child that has struggled to fit in or had problems being heard, expressing themselves, and, in particular, has suffered from dyslexia

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